Welcome to Being Present Together!
My name is Anna Amenta. I have been following Eckhart since 2009. During a difficult time in my life, a colleague pointed out to me "a little humorous man who says very wise things". I went to watch him on YouTube and I was immediately grabbed. His radiance and his energy brings me directly into the here and now.

What a relief it was for me to feel how he debunked the gravity of the stories I tell myself! In reality there is no past and no future, there is only now. And what I feel / experience now, stripped of the emotions from my stories about the situation, are so much easier and more pleasant to experience!

In my enthusiasm, I have been looking for a group of people in the Netherlands since 2016 to share my experiences with E T. I honestly thought it was really strange that this didn't exist.
Eventually, a group was formed in Zoetermeer in the spring of 2019, and it was there that the penny dropped for me, namely that I can also initiate a group in Amsterdam myself. That's how Being Present Together was born.

My intention is on the one hand is to bring people together who are inspired by ET - so that the experiences can be deepened, and on the other hand to support individuals who can feel the teachings of ET but find it difficult to recognize it in their own lives. In one-on-one coaching we discover together what stands in the way of being completely present in the now.
For more information about the local group meetings click here and for individual coaching click here.
- Anna