Individual Coaching

What do we do in the individual coaching?

Beneath all the pain and grievances we experience are 'truths' that we have told ourselves. For example 'I can never change that.' We suffer for the reality we tell ourselves (and each other). When we become aware of this, we can choose more kind and loving 'truths' about ourselves.

This must be so if the law of attraction is true. This must be so if Equality is really true.

Take a look at the theme that bothers you the most. Take a pen and without thinking write a short piece about what touches you so much. Then put it away and read it again carefully in a few days. There is a good chance that you immediately recognize what you have made yourself believe over the years. Limiting believes Eckhart Tolle calls them.

Can you just get rid of that?

Yes, if you really want to, sure! It does require your full attention. By putting the assumptions in full light, we start to feel the pain underneath. And while feeling you get new words for what is happening. Your world literally becomes bigger and more whole than the small world of 'I can never change this'.

By lovingly present in your situation together, the assumptions that keep your world small will come to the fore. And if the situation demands it, I will lovingly point you in the direction of your thinking patterns, or ask questions that will make you look at the situation in a new way. When you can look at what is going on through a different lens, you gain insight and therefore the opportunity to choose.
Do you know that we only need this moment to find everything that prevents us from being fully present (read: being satisfied/thankful)?

In our interaction I will intuitively provide different models and methods. Methods can be for example: silence and/or guided meditations, nature coaching, body / chakra awareness, communicating with the inner child, The Work, Voice Dialoque, RET model, etc.

How do I work?
There are two options:
In three meetings of an hour and a half, we enter a process of awakening consciously to your stories.
There is also the possibility to have these conversations while walking in the beautiful nature in the area of Abcoude
Price for 3 sessions a 1.5 hour € 300, - including VAT

In six meetings of one and a half hours, we work towards being present, aware of our own creative potential. Being present in everyday situations will again be a natural skill.
There is also the possibility to have the conversations while walking in the beautiful natural surroundings of Abcoude.

Price € 500, - including VAT

*Note: as far as I am concerned, the money never has to be the reason for not being able to work with me. In a personal conversation we will certainly find a way that suits us both.

Please feel free to contact me, first interview (30 min) is free of charge.