Eckhart Tolle Coaching

What is Eckhart Tolle coaching?

It is translating the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to your personal situation and recognizing the power of now in your own life.

One of the powerful things Eckhart teaches us is the importance of letting go of our stories (aka assumptions). People invent stories in an effort to control life, in an effort to create a strong identity. The disadvantage of a story is that it limits us and only gives us a false sense of identity.

A step towards to a peaceful and fulfilled life is to become aware of the stories we identify with.

Our strongest emotional stories are like our eyelashes: so close, but so hard to see! As a coach I lovingly point in the direction of your stories and assumptions, so that you learn where and how you can further investigate yourself. By being present together, we become aware of the stories that keep you trapped in thinking, in ego. Do you know that we only need this moment to find everything that prevents us from being fully present? (read: to be satisfied / grateful)

While listening or reading Eckhart's work, you probably also feel that the treasures of life can be found in every moment. According to him, the solution for a good life is: 'to be present with everything there is'. He goes on to say that there are no problems in this sense. Yes, one can feel better than the other, but that is life, that is not a problem. It becomes a problem when we resist, when we distance ourselves from the objective situation by identifying ourselves with our ego, that part of us that is always afraid and feels d evaluated. Ego is always and only reactive. Eckhart teaches us that our true essence is presence and that we don't need stories for this.

In our intuitive interaction I support you applying the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle into your personal situation. For this I will offer you different models such as silent and / or guided meditations, nature coaching, body / chakra awareness, communicating with the inner child, Voice Dialoque, RET model, etc.

By being together in the power of the now, the pain body becomes clearer and more aware, so that it will need less and less stage.

How do I work?

There are two options:
In three meetings of an hour and a half, you wake up and become aware of some stories and get glimpses from other deeper stories.
Price € 360, - ex. VAT.

In six meetings of an hour and a half we work, with awareness of the stories we tell ourselves, to be present. Being present in everyday situations become more of a natural skill again.
Price € 600, - ex. VAT.

Please feel free to contact me, first interview (30 min) is free of charge.