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The group could wholeheartedly confirm this idea, especially after we all gave our personal experience among 1 subject and we got a broader perspective on it. We actually all became more whole while opening up for each others experience.

These last few days I feel a bit restless about our next meeting on October 4 2019. Restless and irritated cause I need to find (enough) participants but I can't seem to come into action. You know that feeling? Time to sit down and meditate!

What an experience! I got an exceptional opportunity to participate in a Silent retrait in the North of France this summer. It was a deepening of my practice in being presence. Before we went into silence we got the advice to not only go in a silent retrait but also in a doing-retrait. In other words, reading and internet...

A few weeks have past since the first meeting of interested people for the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I spoke with a lot of people about this new project: "Ahh interesting! Yes I know Eckhart Tolle, he is a funny man. I've read his book the Power of Now" was the common reaction. My invitation to join a Local Group...

Last Friday a few of the Dutch participants of one of the online courses from Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng met in a wonderful studio in IJburg Amsterdam. I thought it would be a good idea to meet and share our experiences in the closing weekend of this course we all followed; an ending of something great was now a start of something new and promising....



I want to share something personal here, some personal karma that I see myself facing at the moment. Maybe some of you will reorganize something. Maybe you already had your thoughts about this or it never crossed your mind, or...



Maybe I'll learn one day to be productive from my Deep I. Until then I best work under the pressure of a deadline. You know that empty feeling when you have to communicate something with the world (even if is just one person!)? Restless, eating or drinking just to get away from the computer. And oh yeah this or that...

Inspired by Echhart Tolle himself and activated by a friend in Zoetermeer who organizes local groups in his surroundings, the local group in Amsterdam is a fact. In every meeting we will project one of Eckharts latest teachings and share our experiences.

So, the invitations are sent, all the questions of the people who are interested are answered, Yamin brings a beamer and I've chosen one of the recent and significant teachings of Echhart Tolle: let the first meeting begin!

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