Consious Manifestation


We had a nice meeting again last night.

Inspired by the new online course Conscious Manifestation from Eckhart Tolle, we in our online Local Group meeting also  reflected on this theme last night.
Questions that came up were: "If manifesting from neediness doesn't work then why would you want to do it?" and an other question was: "If you are Present and you can experience that the Now gives you everything you want and more, why would you want to manifest?" The ideas and reflections of the participants have enriched me enormously again;)
The conclusion I have personally drawn is that everything that gets attention grows, and if you want nice things in your life to grow - do as many nice things as possible. It can be that simple!
I hope you will be there next time;)

You can still enroll to this new online course Consious Manifestation. Here is the link