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How interesting!

These last few days I feel a bit restless about our next meeting on October 4 2019. Restless and irritated cause I need to find (enough) participants but I can't seem to come into action. You know that feeling? Time to sit down and meditate!

I noticed that I aimed very high from the beginning of this project and see now that the main part of me is not concerned with this aim. Auwwtchh!

Initially I felt/thought that the initiative to arrange meetings to practice Presence together as we learn from Eckhart Tolle was so obviously good that enough participants would fall from the sky (or something;)) I was not a minute aware that this could also happen. From this naivety I decided to rent a studio for our meetings in order to do this professional. I got honest feedback from concerned attendees about this step but there was no space in me to let that change my mind (yet).

And now here I am, a bit stressed because in my ambition I've put an invisible line of 12 participants to call the meeting a success (this number is definitely  related to the coast of the rent of the studio) but I have not the energy and time to do some serious marketing to make this happen. And until now I've enjoyed all he meetings (!) also with less participants.

What a relief cause now I can go back to the original idea and feeling of enthusiasm to arrange these meetings. I will open my house for this and let go of the professional standard that I've put there myself. I trust that we will build a steady group of interested people in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle with whom we can practice presence together.