en-To create from a different sorce


Welcome to my blog  - English is not my native language so here and there will occur some mistakes. I apologize upfront;)

I will share my experiences on my path of creating and giving form to my life from an other source than my mental knowing or my scared and angry ego. Echhart Tolle calls it 'the Deep I' and in my Buddhist practice we call it Buddha-nature that arises in our consciousness by chanting  Nammyohorengekyo

In November 2018 I got invited by the Eckhart Tolle administration to join a new course they've set up. I immediately was eager to join and so since January 2019 I participate in the program School of Awakening from Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng. I quote: "It's a six-month online immersion program-the deepest and most comprehensive course that Eckhart and Kim have ever taught. The School of Awakening helps the process of awakening transform in the form of contribution and service in the world." unquote

Fortuitous in that same period I had soled my yarn shop in Amsterdam and was completely ready to be guided into this new phase in my life.

Instead of directly looking for a new thing to make a living, I decided to wait for life to 'tell me' what to do next. A wonderful and relaxed way to live life!  And so, at a curtain point there was this knowing in me that I will create possibilities for people to meet other people in order to practice presence together, as thought by Echhart Tolle. It was a joyful knowing and I felt bold and like a young kid who doesn't know about bumps in the road ahead.  So I started and of course within short I got to know about the scary risks I was putting myself into. But since my Buddhist motto is to not give up and I have learned the importance to do whatever I can to stay true to myself, I still took actions in the direction of my new goal.  I rented a wonderful yoga-studio 'Naar Zee' in Amsterdam IJburg, made the first invitation for a meeting with other participants of School of Awakening in the Netherlands and so I've planned the very first meeting of being present together.

Friday June 7 2019. I'll keep you posted.

This present moment reminder of Echhart Tolle illustrates beautiful my process here.

With gratitude,