Same thing with different names


What an experience! I got an exceptional opportunity to participate in a Silent retrait in the North of France this summer. It was a deepening of my practice in being presence. Before we went into silence we got the advice to not only go in a silent retrait but also in a doing-retrait. In other words, reading and internet and other activities that we do ' to stay busy' where strongly discouraged. Everything in order to be invite and meet the  stillness within. This week helped me to find the stillness within me even quicker. I loved to rise at 5.00 in the morning to join the meditation at 5.30hr so much so,  that it is not a big effort to continue this now while I'm at home. This effort gives me so much more than words can say.

By the way, I was so happy that I reserved the whole week afterwar this retrait also! This gave me time to come back to ' the normal life'  on my own pace.