Mass Meditation


Dear all

I'm grateful to be here and to be part of this very special time. Besides maybe fear and anxiety because there is so much moving in unknown directions, there is so much good happening in this C-time. I love it when Eckhart says: 'there was to much busyness in the word, to little time to be with what is, to much running around ... and now we are all called to a halt.'

For me the challenge now is to implement the 'halt' in all the app-groups, the online-meetings, the social calls, the e-mail and FB messages. Although I'm @ home most of the time, sometimes I feel more busy than normal! If I look closely to this behaviour I notice that all these devices give me a sense of still being connected to the world, a sense of control. While being with this feeling it a feeling of trust arose, that I will stay connected to 'the world' even when I log-out for a part of the day. I started to put my phone in the airplane-mode for some hours in the day. Okay, I tend to want to look in between but I'm more aware! From here onwards;)

Maybe you already got this message, maybe this is new:

In the night of April 4th/5th there will be a mass meditation. This meditation (just 20 mins at an exact time of a special stellar constellation - is important!

This is our chance to heal the planet and raise the frequency.
If not now.... WHEN ?
Thank you so much!