People open to share = Friends


Last Friday a few of the Dutch participants of one of the online courses from Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng met in a wonderful studio in IJburg Amsterdam. I thought it would be a good idea to meet and share our experiences in the closing weekend of this course we all followed; an ending of something great was now a start of something new and promising.

It was very special to get to know some faces behind thousands of anonymous people -from all over the world- who share the same interest. And we got deeper;  we learned a bit about the struggles and passions of one-another and shared idea's and different point of views. How rich and comforting to feel that you are not alone on the path of Awakening!

And we learned that one of the group had met Eckhart Tolle personally because he wrote a book about him. What a lovely surprise when he started to hand out a book to all the attendees! Of course on Saturday I immediately started to read it... Pretty soon I noticed that watching Eckhart's video's and listening to his audio's are still the best way for me to take in his teachings. This book will be given to right person in the right moment. Thank you Evert!

All the attendees where happy with this gathering and most of them look forward to the next meeting on July 5 in the same studio. A meeting open for all people who are interested in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle!

It got very clear to me that the effort of coming from Nijmegen or even further away is not something to do on a regular basis. It strengthens my idea that this meetings should be held in all four corners of our little country. This is a matter of time, I promise!

With gratitude,