Meetings, especially now!


Although we get advice from all sides and/or are even forced to keep a distance, it is now especially important to meet each other. By sharing our experiences we can let go and move on, while it is difficult not to keep thinking in circles if you cannot exchange.

A person who listens to another gives so much more than just that listening ear. When one can really be present with another person's experience, he or she is put in front of a mirror in friendly light so that the narrator can notice new aspects of his / her experience. He/ she can literally bring the whole experience into a new and usually more loving perspective.

Isn't that what Life is all about ?! Isn't this exactly why we are here together?
Fortunately, there is a good chance to meet each other via the internet, but I am also very happy that we can meet each other live again - albeit in a small group.

Hope to meet you;)